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Housing is a human right
The Office of the Federal Housing Advocate's 2021-2022
Annual Report to the Minister

Marie-Josée Houle, Canada's Federal Housing Advocate

Driving change: The Federal Housing Advocate's message

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“Housing is a human right — it is more than an aspiration,
it is an obligation.”

A focus on the housing and homelessness crisis

Over the course of 2021-2022, the Office of the Federal Housing Advocate identified evolving systemic housing issues that are of serious concern in Canada: financialization, homeless encampments, and evictions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made these issues worse. They are symptoms of long-standing problems related to the housing system. They are directly impacting people experiencing inadequate housing and homelessness. And they have worrying consequences that infringe on people's human right to housing in Canada.

Last year, we supported research to better understand the drivers of these issues and who they are affecting, as well as create an evidence base for making recommendations to solve them. In the course of this research, we worked closely with scholars, lived experts, and partner organizations to inform our work.

As people in Canada continue to feel the effects of the housing and homelessness crisis, this work will help us shine a light on these systemic problems and push for action to solve them.